Rewriting blocking AJAX (async: false in JQuery)

When I apply jasmine ajax to test a piece of javascript, I was stuck, and found out the cause is no blocking AJAX call supports from jasmine ajax. I do not blame jasmine ajax because I do not think making blocking ajax call make sense at all. Almost all developer considers AJAX to be an […]


Google Map shows traffic alert during route planning in Hong Kong 2

My new workplace is in Tung Chung and I take bus and MTR. I was thinking whether driving would be a good option during the ride this morning. I opened Google Map on iOS, tapped on destination and checked which route is better. To my surprise, one of the route shows traffic alert! This feature […]


iOS 8 time-lapse videos

I have installed iOS 8 beta 3 into my iPhone 4s. The default camera now supports taking time-lapse videos. Taking time-lapse video in camera is very simple because you do not have any options… It takes a frame every second in my experience. Below is dawn of Tai Wai, Hong Kong. I took it from my […]


Share a Coke with Neo

我朋友剛剛由南非公幹返黎, 買左支有我英文名既汽水俾我, 勁正,   如果想知有冇你個名, 可以去 度睇睇   另外除左南非,英國亦有類似既活動,   以後去南非或者英國, 可樂可能成為其中一項手信,   至於枝可樂我捨唔捨得飲? 我好想試下南非可樂有乜唔同… 飲完之後將香港既可樂/百事 refill 返入去, 嘿嘿!

Android Emulator Wear 試玩

Google 出左 Android Wear Preview, 可以喺電腦度行 Android Wear 既 emulator, 然後就可以摸擬 Android Wear 同電話連接既應用。 我地試玩過其中一個 sample app 叫 Recipe Assistant, 假試你喺手機選擇好想做既菜式, 然後手機會將菜式既指示發送到 Android Wear, 咁你就可以一路戴住錶一路煮, 好似幾方便: 如果有興趣想試或者寫 Android Wear 既 app, 可以去 Android Wear 度參加 developer preview。過程算簡單, 但你需要一部 official 行到 Android KitKat 4.4 既電話先得。


Status Register

測試你的 low-level hacking 能力

這是一個模擬 hacking 的遊戲, 需要很多 low level programming 的基本摡念, 例如利用 overflow 改寫 heap 甚至乎 code, 所以如果對 Assembly 沒有認識就不要玩了. 遊戲提供一個方便好用的 debugger, 而且有少量的 debug symbol, 比起實際環境方便得多.

我在 robotium 留下了我的腳毛

我成為了 5.0.2 的其中一個 contributor: 雖然很少,但是是開始的第一步!



為 Android Emulator 加速

一直以黎 Android emulator 最為人垢為病就係佢嘅啟動速度同埋運行速度。用返 Intel Atom x86 唧 system image 會幫到少少但係唔多。直到上年 Intel 出左 Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution (HAX), 情況就完全改善。以往由 Android 唧 boot animation 到入到去左 screen lock 要成幾分鐘嘅時間,而家用 10秒就攪掂! 要安裝 HAX 首先 CPU 支援 VT, 現今大部份 CPU 已經技援。然後去 Android SDK Manager 入面嘅 Extras 安裝 Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM)。 不過依個安裝動作實際只係下載,要完成安裝要去返 SDK Path 入面搵返黎裝, 例如 Mac 入面會下載到 […]