Setup script after WD Cloud firmware updated

You lose all custom configurations whenever the WD Cloud firmware has updated. Below scripts help me to revert my settings, Update SSH server to use public key authenticationLogin to root on the WD Cloud and create .ssh on the server side, mkdir ~/.ssh Upload public key from your machine to the server, Replace nas with […]



How to solve: Cannot join Windows Domain with Windows Server

It happens to me many times. I have the solution and always forget. I have the DNS setup correctly, and point it to my domain controller(s). The error message is “Unable to join the domain”. The solution is disable simply disable IPv6 from the network connection, or update DNS on the IPv6. It seems DNS […]


Mastercode/Mastercard Hackathon 2015 @ Hong Kong

My first hackathon I have joined my first hackathon from MasterCard’s hosted by AngelHack in Hong Kong in March 2015. This event attracted around 150 participants from local and overseas. The maximum team size is 5 persons, so there could be over 50 teams. The event started at 9am but teams from overseas started lining […]

Cross-building for WD Cloud 2 comments

WD Cloud runs debian Linux on ARM, so it requires cross-building if you build package on other architecture. I have successfully built package on Ubuntu 14 by following this post with a few note, If you see error message like Err wheezy-updates Release.gpg Could not resolve ‘’ copy /etc/resolv.conf into buld/etc, e.g., sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf build/etc […]