Setting up HTTP/2 with Apache and PHP on Debian 8

My blog has been migrated to a new Debian Virtual Private Server (VPS) . I was trying to enable SPDY on my new server but support from Google for Apache is kind of broken. Latest Chrome browser support SPDY 3.1 only but Google only provides SPDY 3.0 to Apache module. I decide to skip SPDY […]



CLLocationManager tutorial and troubleshooting

Many developers complain Mobile application development is more difficult than web application development. They try to follow tutorials online precisely but the mobile application still doesn’t work. This is because mobile platforms evolves rapidly and tutorials just can’t keep up-to-date. My friend had the above situation and failed to get any location update from the location manager. […]


Introducing try-catch from Apple Swift 2, with sandbox on web by IBM Bluemix

Apple Swift is a programming language for iOS application development at the beginning. It can be found on Mac’s Xcode. Now Apple Swift 2 is hosted on IBM Bluemix’s website ( The Swift version  is 2.2-dev as of today, Swift version 2.2-dev (LLVM 46be9ff861, Clang 4deb154edc, Swift 778f82939c) Target: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu There are many language features […]

Setup script after WD Cloud firmware updated

You lose all custom configurations whenever the WD Cloud firmware has updated. Below scripts help me to revert my settings, Update SSH server to use public key authentication Login to root on the WD Cloud and create .ssh on the server side, mkdir ~/.ssh Upload public key from your machine to the server, Replace nas […]