Facebook 古惑仔 Online 自動存錢機 Version 1.2

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23 Responses

  1. Kit says:

    OK la~ Thanks

  2. supertvb says:

    存錢系統越黎越完美, 支持.

  3. 好人有限 says:

    thank you!

  4. wkhk says:

    Thank you very much!
    This is a great & useful script!
    Well done!

  5. Egg says:

    hi 腦功仔, firstly thanks for the great script.

    Since you have released the 自動任務機, it will refresh every 10 mins and check if the energy is over 10, then it will perform the mission. So most likely we will earn cash every 10 mins.

    I want to edit the Auto Banking script so that it will refresh every 5 (or 10) mins as well. Since the Auto Banking script “only refresh in first/last 5 minutes of an hour (every 1 min)” , therefore there will be a risk of getting attack and losing the money from doing mission before or after the first/last 5 minutes of an hour.

    I read through the 自動任務機 and noticed you used the check_interval = 600 for refreshing the page, can you add that method into the Auto Banking script?

    thanks alot.

  6. 寒冰仔 says:

    reload果陣re re下會變左負秒!

  7. 腦功仔 says:

    因為嗰 part 係自動做任務抄返黎, 冇改到適合係自動存錢機度用

  8. Marco says:

    點解每次我個 time counter 都走了去負數又唔 refresh,D 錢都無入到

  9. 寒冰仔 says:

    咁你又唔改番= =

  10. 慧慧 says:


  11. 寒冰仔 says:


  12. Egg says:

    i now use the addon for Firefox “ReloadEvery” to reload the bank page every 3 mins, so i can deposit the cash i earn from performing missions.

  13. 腦功仔 says:

    都好bor, 之但係會唔會有唔夠update 或者停左喺度問你Send 唔 Send 等等既問題?

  14. Dan says:

    我試用左之後, 當自動入完錢之後就跳左個windows 出o黎,
    係問 “To displaythis page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search ot order confirmation) that was performed earlirt.”

    我想問下, 這樣是什麼問題呢??

  15. Egg says:

    Postdata error happens once in a while, but not all the time, im looking for the solutions for that problem as well.

    after reading on some forums, the best solution will be from the server side, which we cannot do anything about it.
    And heard that Firefox is trying to fix the post data problem on the next version.

  16. Steve says:

    唔好意思呀, 我download o左, 但我唔識點用, 有冇人可以教o下我點用呀? 我係用I.E O架

  17. 腦功仔 says:

    IE用唔到, 一定要 firefox

  18. Steve says:

    咁我download o左firefox之後要點呀

  19. toro says:


  20. AERROR says:

    謝謝 腦功仔 的創作,
    用樓上reload既方法一樣有問題,firefox 會有個pop up 問你要唔要proceed search data 之類
    我google 過,未有類似既情況既by pass方法,所以估計最好就係腦功仔能夠改返個倒數果part…

  21. r1 says:

    // check if is in error page
    if (document.getElementById(‘error_message’) != null) {


  22. 腦功仔 says:

    thanks r1, you are correct.

  23. Maston says:

    How to use it ??

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