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Human still wins in an investment competition 0

Human still wins in an investment competition

Despite the best players lost in the game of Go against Google’s AI, human still wins in a local investment competition in 2017. The competition has two group of investor, an individual group with...


Setup IMAP with SSL-only on iPhone/iPad

You cannot setup IMAP on iPhone/iPad (iOS devices) with a server that only provides IMAP SSL (port 993). iOS detects the existence of IMAP by using non-SSL IMAP port, which is port 143. Here...


Test your ability on low-level hacking

這是一個模擬 hacking 的遊戲, 需要很多 low level programming 的基本摡念, 例如利用 overflow 改寫 heap 甚至乎 code, 所以如果對 Assembly 沒有認識就不要玩了. 遊戲提供一個方便好用的 debugger, 而且有少量的 debug symbol, 比起實際環境方便得多.