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Open Relay Database Down 左 0

Open Relay Database Down 左

無啦啦 send 去我公司 d Email 全部彈返轉頭: —– The following addresses had permanent fatal errors —–<neo@spam.hk>(reason: 550 5.7.1 Email rejected due to sending server misconfiguration – see http://www.ordb.org/faq/#why_rejected) 交返個 case 俾公司 IT department, 咁佢地打去問間 hosting...

手痕覆左個 Email 詐騙 0

手痕覆左個 Email 詐騙

好奇心驅使之下, 我覆左 xxx@yahoo.fr 話我有興趣 claim 抽獎款項! 隔左幾個鐘之後佢覆我, 又係好死長篇, Dear Neo, This is to inform you that, you have been cleared winner of the UK/IRISH/USA INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY. Which you have been approved for a lump...

繼續網絡 Email 垃圾詐騙 0

繼續網絡 Email 垃圾詐騙

依封就直接好多, 話你可以領取一筆抽獎(大概似六合彩)既款項, 快d 去聯絡佢俾個人資料佢去 claim 啦 新しいメールアドレスをお知らせします 新しいメールアドレス: xxx@yahoo.co.jp You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of 1,300,000 pounds( One Million, Three Hundred Thousand Pounds) in cash credited to file KTU/9023118308/05of...

網絡詐騙 email 1

網絡詐騙 email

相信大家都成日收到垃圾郵件, 好多時都唔會理佢 up 乜, 就算想知佢 up乜, 見到水蚊春咁長都冇心機睇落去。其實依d 多數係想騙取你既個人資料, 今次就等我精簡咁解讀一下啦, Dear Sir/Madam, Many apologies that I had to send you this email without a prior relationship between us; my name is XXX a former credit...

Email 見到怪符號唔駛驚 0

Email 見到怪符號唔駛驚

岩岩有人收到 paypal send 黎既一封email, 一開始就有段怪符號, 所以驚係釣魚 email 問我:  依個即係 Unicode 入面既 Byte-order-mark (BOM), 通常都係寫 email 個人/program 將 unicode 既 email 誤作為 ISO-8859-1 黎出 email 就會有咁既問題。